Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phoenix Gallery

It has been such an amazingly busy fall! I have been working like crazy and time is just flying by. It started off a bit difficult. My kids missed several days of school because of colds, and then my kiln broke (I thought I was going to go insane!), and our dryer broke, but... coming out of the storm is a beautiful new day!

My dream gallery, The American Folk Art Museum in New York re-ordered work from me, that is a good sign that this could be a lasting relationship.

Haven Gallery in Austin, Tx is going to take a fair amount of work from me for the holidays, mostly larger work, and I am really excited about that. Although I haven't been there personally, I hear it is an amazing gallery.

And this month Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence asked me to be the featured artist! So, things are going ok.

I decided to give up the dryer, hey, it is better for the environment anyway, the kids may now be immune to the swine flu, and my kiln only had a loose wire (thank god!).

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