Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phoenix Gallery

It has been such an amazingly busy fall! I have been working like crazy and time is just flying by. It started off a bit difficult. My kids missed several days of school because of colds, and then my kiln broke (I thought I was going to go insane!), and our dryer broke, but... coming out of the storm is a beautiful new day!

My dream gallery, The American Folk Art Museum in New York re-ordered work from me, that is a good sign that this could be a lasting relationship.

Haven Gallery in Austin, Tx is going to take a fair amount of work from me for the holidays, mostly larger work, and I am really excited about that. Although I haven't been there personally, I hear it is an amazing gallery.

And this month Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence asked me to be the featured artist! So, things are going ok.

I decided to give up the dryer, hey, it is better for the environment anyway, the kids may now be immune to the swine flu, and my kiln only had a loose wire (thank god!).

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Nelson Art Gallery

Finally back to my daily walk. The kids are back in school and it feels so great to be back in studio, back to a daily walk, back to a routine!

I was walking at Loose Park, but decided to go for a change of scenery. The Nelson Art Gallery's sculpture garden is a pretty good work out and is amazingly beautiful! They have created walls of green and winding paths that are magical. Especially with this drizzly weather we have had this week, it reminds me of Holland.

Photos will have to be posted soon.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from Philly

Just got back from the Buyer's Market in Philadelphia, it was a great show! I love meeting new people, this trip always expands my mind.

We had wonderful meals in Chinatown, but our new favorite place to eat was Bellini, an Italian restaurant around 17th and Locust, with homemade pasta. My only disappointment with it was that I couldn't eat it all!

Looking forward to getting into studio, but I have two more weeks before the kids start school. So, we are just going to enjoy the end of summer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We went camping in Weston, MO and saw some amazing birds this spring. I have never seen a summer or scarlet tanager before, they were abundant in Weston in May, what a delight!

We also saw some eastern bluebirds, they are so sweet...

a turtle... and some amazing branches over the Missouri river.

Birds of spring!

This is my first blog entry, and I just wanted to post some pictures of some bird sightings. I am going to try to post once a week, but we will see how ambitious this becomes.

Cardinals and goldenfinch feasting on sunflowers we planted last year. We planted them again this year, but have only gotten sparrows and squirrels.